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May 10, 2018

The expense of a wedding can not only follow you for years, it can literally ruin your marriage!

How you make wedding decisions and how you deal with the money questions as a couple is a barometer for how your marriage will go.

Our relationship to money affects how we treat others and ourselves. If you have an unhealthy relationship to money it will cross over to your relationship with your partner.

Jake talks with Wedding Planner Jordan Maney of and her experiences in planning weddings.

Jake and Jordan discuss:

  • The difference between Bride-CHILLAZ and Bride-ZILLAZ!
  • Why Jordan perfers Bride-CHILLAZ
  • The three conversations she has with couples
  • How to make important decisions in your wedding planning
  • What to avoid when planning your wedding

Have questions about wedding finances? Email and Jake Rivas may read your questions on the show!

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